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               Robotics is the frontier for the development of information technology. It is a highly integrated and innovative subject which implies abundant education resources. Asian Robotics League dedicates to the promotion of robotics in Asia. We drives the development of robotics industry through competitions and education to bring up the interest of the youth in science and technology and their ability in creativity. Furthermore, we encourage their imagination and creativity to bring them up with development thinking and thus raise awareness of public to application of robotics and popularize knowledge of robotics and reflects its educational valve.

1. To promote project-based teaching mode advocated by CMU in Asia

2. Unite all robotics organizations in Asia to drive the robotics education and start robotics activities in Asia

3. To provide a world of science and dream to the youth, bringing a platform to give them show their creativity and knowkedge in science, archive the youth form Asia to learn from each other and share their view, enhances the interaction with the youth from other countries in the world and makes their scientific dream comes true

4. To hold various competitions and gives the youth room for creative and participate more activities related to science & technology

5. To start running an Asian Robotics League Youth Scientist Training Center and implement the Asian Robotics League Youth Scientist Training Scheme

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